Sol 0

Sol 0 is a Mars colonization real time strategy game where the goal is to grow from the first human footprints on the Martian surface to a successful and bustling colony. Sol 0 imagines the near future, with technology that could be available within the next decade.

  • Explore the Martian environment and search for methane emissions, subsurface water, and mineral deposits.
  • Plan for dust storms and meteorite impacts that could easily destroy an unprepared colony.
  • Prioritize the supplies you bring to your colony to ensure its survival.

Sol 0 version 1.04 has been released! / June 5, 2016

Sol 0 version 1.04 is available on the website, Steam, and! Below is a description of what is new in 1.04:

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Purchasing gives access to all future versions and updates, and unlimited downloads of Sol 0 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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